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Self Care Box

One of my favorite things is online shopping. Being able to do things from the comfort of your own home. And self crea is no exeception to online shopping. There are so many websites that have ended les amount of self care boxes. It ranges from the perfect quiz for ones preference to being able…

Self Care History 101

For today’s self-care Monday I have decided to bring some History of past generations of self-care. It’s important that we know what has been deemed as self-care and the meaning behind it. It allows us to understand the use of self-care and the causes of it. Selfcare originated prior to the early 1960s as it…

Self Care Among Others

Self-care is something that should be expressed among different groups. We tend to forget and prioritize ourselves and will move on to “fixing” others. But to care for others, we need to tend to our needs it’s like the expression “Love yourself be for you love others”. For Monday’s blog, I will be listing my tips…

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